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American Standard VorMax

By February 1, 2016April 4th, 2018Uncategorized
 I recently had an American Standard VorMax toilet installed in my home. I absolutely love this toilet! I was skeptical of the toilet as it claims to be self cleaning and that just seemed to good to be true. However, this toilet not only self cleans the bowl but it also flushes great! Before I had this toilet installed I had a higher end, name brand, toilet and I really was not impressed. The toilet looked nice but it just didn’t flush right. This caused not only a waste of water as multiple flushes were needed but it also would allow a build up to form inside of the toilet bowl. I would have to clean the bowl of the toilet several times a week just to keep from having this build up. The VorMax toilet has a special flush design that gives it a more powerful flush, eliminating the build up on the toilet bowl and the multiple flushes needed to clear a toilet. I highly recommend this toilet!
~Michelle, Cruikshank Plumbing
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