New Construction

A Company You Can Count On

Our outstanding relationships with all of central Ohio’s wholesale houses, local code authorities, and sub-contractors along with our experience and know-how make Cruikshank Plumbing a “Peace of Mind” choice for your next new build project.

New Build

Cruikshank Plumbing has been serving central Ohio commercial contractors, builders, and business owners for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on being a reliable member of a construction team and maintaining build schedules for successful project completion. Some of our new build projects include:

  • Target Stores
  • AEP 6 Story Renovation
  • Buckeye Lake Winery
  • Vineyard 4 Story Office Complex
  • Jimmy John’s Sandwich Shops


Our staff and resources at Cruikshank Plumbing allow us to provide state of the art plumbing design and engineered drawings to get your project moving. We strive to meet and exceed our client’s needs while maintaining quality and budgets in the design/build process.

Some of our design/build projects include:

  • The Lakes Country Club Pool House
  • Faith Baptist Church
  • Liberty Christian School
  • Grace Fellowship Youth Building
  • Dayspring Wesleyan Church

Tenant Improvements Projects

Tenant improvement projects can be challenging. The complexity of working with existing conditions and adjacent tenants requires experience and knowledge. Cruikshank Plumbing can help take the surprises out of tenant improvement projects. Our highly trained mechanics and ability to communicate with project managers and other subcontractors will assure a smooth and seamless project.

Some of our Tenant Improvement Projects include:

  • Salon Lofts
  • Northstar Café
  • Average Joe’s Pub
  • Pandora Jewelry
  • Odd Fellows Bar

Specialty Piping Systems

Our knowledge of various materials and years of experience in the trade affords us the ability to install many specialty piping systems. Whether it is an acid waste system or a domestic water pressure boost system Cruikshank Plumbing has the know-how to get your job done.

Some of our Specialty Piping Systems include:

  • Dominion Homes Office Building Fountain and Waterfall
  • Huntington Park Dug-Out Trench Drains
  • Farber Custom Coach Environmental Leak Testing System
  • Chemlawn Liquid Fertilizer Tank Farm
  • Photonic Integration Research Inc Air Compressor and Dryer System