Sump Pumps and Backup Systems in Granville

Why we suggest installing a backup sump pump system if you live in Granville, Ohio.

A flooded basement is a common plumbing nightmare! Here in Central Ohio there are a lot of areas that are prone to flooding basements due to the large amounts of precipitation and placement of the homes. At Cruikshank Plumbing not only do we install sump pumps but we also install backup sump pump systems. We often recommend back up sump pump systems to customers that have a large amount of water cycling through their sump pump system or anyone that has valuables in their basement area. If a sump pump malfunctions or goes out, depending on where you are located and the current weather conditions, you may have less than an hour before your basement starts to flood. A sump pump can go out with little to no warning, meaning that most people do not realize their sump pump has quit working until they go in the basement and see the standing water. A flooded basement can cause thousands of dollars in damage and ruin priceless possessions that are stored in the basement.

The system we recommend for homes in Granville, Ohio is the PHCC Pro Series Pair of Pumps System. This system offers total security as it works off of a two pump system. The primary pump will work as long as the pump is getting electric. The backup pump will kick on if the primary pump loses electric, primary pump stops working, or if the amount of water coming in becomes too much for one pump to handle. This backup pump system will alarm if there is any maintenance needed, letting you know that there is problem before it becomes a plumbing nightmare!

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