Tankless Water Heaters

Benefits Installing a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless Water Heater Dealer in Licking County Ohio

For homes needing a water heater replacement or where an existing heater cannot keep up with the demand for hot water, the solution may be installing a tankless water heater. This type of water heater can provide all the hot water that is needed, when it is needed without the worry of running out in the middle of a shower or bath.

  • More energy efficient because it only heats water when needed
  • Takes up less space than a traditional water heater with a tank
  • Consistent hot water temperature
  • Multiple units can be installed and run at the same time
  • Less worries about flooding from tank leaks or sudden bursting from a cracked tank
  • Has a life expectancy of 20 plus years versus 7-12 years for a traditional water heater

What Makes a Tankless Water Heater More Efficient Than Others?

Tankless heaters are more efficient than a traditional water heater because they directly heat the water when needed. Heaters with tanks will heat water and then store it until it is needed. This results in constant heating of the water, even when no hot water is being used. With a tankless model, the water is continuously heated as it runs through the unit, providing continuous hot water, only when called for. Most tankless water heaters will provide about five to eight gallons of hot water per minute. Dependent upon the size of the household and the size of the heater, it may be necessary to install a larger model or multiple units if there is a demand for multiple simultaneous hot water use within the house.

What Does Installing a Tankless Water Heater Involve?

It may be necessary to upgrade the gas line of the home where a tankless water heater is to be installed. This is to accommodate the need for the additional gas volume needed to run this appliance. If an upgrade is needed, it will be determined prior to installation. Additionally, different intake and exhaust lines may need to be installed to accommodate the different venting needs of a high efficiency tankless water heater. While the costs to install a tankless water heater may be more expensive than those associated with a traditional model, homeowners can expect to begin to recoup these upfront costs quickly with the energy they will save and the longer lifespan of the unit

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