Why Consider Water Conditioning, Saltless Water Conditioning, or Reverse Osmosis for your home?

The water in many homes today is not pure. It actually contains a number of contaminants and minerals like iron, magnesium or sulfur. These substances can have a negative effect on the house over time. Fortunately, professionally installed water conditioning systems can remove those contaminants. Homeowners should consider installing a water conditioning system for several reasons.

Stop Scale from Accumulating

Scale is a layer of minerals and other debris that can accumulate on surfaces that come into contact with unconditioned water on a regular basis. It can start to create discoloration inside of sinks, tubs and toilets. Scale also builds up inside of pipes and plumbing lines. It can eventually block pipes or accelerate the corrosion of metal plumbing and fixtures. Installing a water conditioner will stop scale from accumulating.

Improve the Taste of the Water

Unconditioned water can contain many substances from small pieces of rusted iron to sulfur. These contaminants can actually change the taste and color of the water. They can make it difficult to cook because the debris will turn vegetables dark or make brewed beverages taste bitter. A water conditioner in the home will remove those contaminants. The result is water that looks clean and clear. The taste will also become more pure and fresh after conditioning.

Protect Appliances

The same scale that ruins sinks, fixtures and plumbing can also affect the appliances in a home. Scale can build up in the nozzles inside dishwashers, ice makers or even washing machines. The scale can clog those nozzles or the lines leading to the appliance. Scale can line the inside of water heaters causing rust and damage to the heating elements. All these factors can dramatically shorten the life of appliances. A good water conditioner will protect appliances from the negative effects of scale.

Make the Water Feel More Natural

Many people notice a distinct difference when showering or bathing in unconditioned water.  It can cause dry skin and hair after bathing. These effects can even be felt when just washing hands in a sink during the day. Water conditioners will remove many of the substances that cause this sensation so the water in a home feels normal and natural on the skin.

Lower Energy Use

Water that contains a high level of minerals and contaminants can increase the energy bills in a home. The debris in the water makes it more difficult to heat up. This means that water heaters, range tops and other appliances will have to work harder and for a longer time to create hot water. A modern water conditioner installed by professionals can lower energy use in the home.

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