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Discolored Water

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Do you have orange, discolored water?

Do you have rust colored stains from your water?


I live in a home that is on a well. It seemed no matter what I would do, I would still end up with orange colored water. I have a softener system and would put the rust remover salt in the water softener system which helped but if the system was regenerating or I would use more water than the softener could support, my water would be orange again. I would have my husband check the softener on a daily basis just to make sure we would not run out of salt or softened water. Scrubbing the rust colored stains off the toilets, sinks, and bathtubs was a regular chore. I would never buy white clothing for myself or my children because I knew eventually it would end up a rust color. I work at Cruikshank Plumbing so I would often ask the plumbers for advice on how I could remedy this problem. Based on recommendations from the plumbers, I made the decision to have an Iron Filter installed. This decision changed my water quality for the better! No more checking the softener daily, if we run out of softened water it is not rust colored. We are using less salt and no longer have to buy the more expensive rust remover salt. I have scrubbed the rust stains from my toilets, bathtub, and sinks for the last time! I would highly recommend this system!

The system I had installed in my home is a Watts. Below is some information from the Watts website about the Iron Filter I had installed.

PWBWIRON systems are selected for use when the concentration of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide in water need to be reduced. They use the model 2510 AIO Control Valve to reduce the contaminants in the water without the use of chemicals. The 2510 AIO valve is specially designed to capture a volume of air inside the system’s mineral tank. Water passes through the AIO valve then passes through the air head in the top of the mineral tank. Oxygen from the captured air transfers into the water. The oxygen oxidizes these contaminates in the water to oxides or solid precipitants. Then they are mechanically filtered out of the water by the Filox® media filter bed. The Filox® media removes any residual iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide that has not formed into a solid by catalyzing it quickly into an oxide. After a preprogrammed number of days have passed, the system will perform a regeneration cycle to clean the Filox® media of the solids it has accumulated, draw in more air, rinse, then return to service. Watts recommends a daily regeneration of the system.

Feel free to call into Cruikshank Plumbing to talk to myself, Michelle, or any other employee about having this installed in your home.